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The first Abbeyfield house was established in 1956 by Richard Carr-Gomm.  He recognised that a lot of older people were living alone and feeling isolated in their own communities and wanted to provide them with a safe and secure home where they could find friendship and support.


Soon after purchasing a house in Bermondsey and inviting two local residents to move in, he had purchased five more properties and formally set up The Abbeyfield Society.  Before long, volunteers around the county had formed their own societies and the dream of a nationwide charity providing high quality housing, support and companionship in later life had become a reality.


Abbeyfield Jersey is part of Abbeyfield International.  We believe older people deserve time and respect. It's our mission to provide the best service of care and housing for all our residents, and to be a champion for older people.  We have been a charitable housing organisation in Jersey for more than 25 years. Throughout this time our residents have always been at the heart of what we do and the services we provide.

Abbeyfield Jersey - Making time for older people
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